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You might be surprised to hear this, but financial planning is not all about the numbers. Sure, it’s important to have a detailed and thorough discussion about money, but money is simply a means to connect you to what you really want in life. It’s our job to get to the bottom of what really matters to you, empower you to take ownership of your plan, and cheerlead along the way. When you celebrate, we’ll celebrate with you. And if life gives you lemons, we’ll take a bite with you. We’re on this journey together.


RichMark advisors leverage the hive mentality and work closely with one another to develop the best possible strategies for our clientele. You can rest assured that there is a highly competent team of advisors who are passionate about finding innovative solutions for clients and offering insights garnered from decades of experience.


We take the complexities of the financial services industry and explain them in such a way that it is easy for our clients to understand. There’s no secret to what we do, but it takes experience and a certain depth of knowledge to layout strategy in an easy-to-follow format. It’s vitally important that we do this because the plan we develop is yours, not ours. Understanding your financial position clearly and knowing the plan is critical to your success. Expect us to gain clarity about both your goals and the means to get you there.


When it comes to developing a financial plan with the individuals we work with, it’s true that looking beyond the numbers is vitally important, but to be clear, we don’t simply wax over the details. When we’re not with our clients, you can often find us taking a deep dive into the figures of any given financial plan and ensuring that the recommendations we make are sound and are still on track. The truth is, we are hyper-focused on the numbers when it matters most. We make sure that we pay attention to the little things so that you can have true confidence in us as advocates.


In case you aren’t yet aware, yes, you can reach your goals. Sometimes it just takes somebody to come alongside you to define your goals and build a plan to help you get there. We have worked as financial advisors to clients throughout the Midland, Bay City, and Saginaw communities. With offices in Frankenmuth and throughout the tri-cities, a friendly face is nearby.

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